“The New York State Association of Self-Insured Counties was formed over 40 years ago to serve as a forum for all self-insured New York State Counties and other municipalities to exchange information and support the interest of municipal governments across the State. Although the group started with a focus on Workers’ Compensation, NYSASIC has grown to become one of the most useful resources for continuing education about risk management topics in New York.”


  • Serve as a forum to exchange ideas about uniformity and simplicity in routine methods.
  • Study and develop more economical and efficient operation of municipal self-insurance.
  • Educate the membership in the application of the techniques of risk management.
  • Supply the information to members on the most current legislation and laws.
  • Assist members in solving their municipal risk management problems.
  • Foster an understanding amongst our members, government executives and public about the vital role and relationship of municipal self insurance administrators and risk managers.
  • Submit legislative recommendations that affect the membership to the government of New York State.
  • Cooperate with other similar organizations with similar ideas.