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NYSASIC continues the networking opportunity throughout the year with an electronic network. Members (Municipal and Vendors) are available to share suggestions for your questions and concerns throughout the year via the internet.

Members have asked roundtable/network questions such as:

“Does anyone have a request for proposal form for property and casualty insurance broker”

“What has been your experience with your Workers’ Compensation Third Party Administrator”

“What is your deductible on liability insurance and how do you fund it?”

Given the variety and experience of the members the replies are usually many and varied. You are likely to find a solution to your risk management problem within this knowledgeable group.

What our members are saying:

“The Roundtable is the best. It really helps me to discuss issues important to me and to realize that other municipalities have the same issues.”

“It is definitely an education course for me and I have made some good contacts and found some good resources.”

“It was so easy to check out the vendors and talk with them. It really helped me a lot with my selection of a provider for municipal services.”

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Annual Dues (Jan 1 – Dec 31) are $55 for municipalities and $110 for non–municipals.  Only one amount is due each year, regardless of the number of persons attending conferences.  The dues entitle the member to reduced fees at the association events and also access to the associations electronic roundtable network.

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